Tuesday, 25 February 2014

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 Episode 1 Recap!

After staying up till 4:30 AM to watch Drag Race, Untucked and Episode 2 sneak peak I'm delighted to say I'm super excited for episode 2 to air! I am already hooked. I think this is due tome being familiar with some of the cast members (Laganja Estranja, Adore Delano, Courtney Act) It's gotten me more hyped to want to stay up to watch it.

I think what I will also do is a look I liked the most from one of the cast each week. But I cannot pick the same cast member twice in a row unless it's the final 5/4.

Episode 1 was a Logo TV app exclusive, so I watched it a week or two ago, with the exception of the last 5 minutes which was kept for the season premiere last night.  I will try and not spoil anything so you still have something to watch so these posts will be only a brief explanation of what went on.

The cast was split into teams of 7, with 1 person being eliminated from each group.

My thoughts on the first group, with their first task photos:

BenDeLaCreme: For me her entrance was a little over the top, but then that's what Drag Race needs, it wouldn't be the same without a Pandora Boxx / Tammie Brown figure. For me, she was definitively the underdog of this group, her runway dress was beautiful.

April Carrión: Do not know what to think of her, her entrance was very manly and forgettable, especially her explanation on how crap her Duck Dynasty box was. What did you expect from the box? Glitter sequins and a ready made frock?

Gia Gunn: LOVE HER. A lovable version of Roxxxy Andrews, She does scream attention from the moment a nano gram of breath leaks from her mouth but what do you expect with an entrance as grand as hers with a handbag that could hold enough food for a nation?!

Laganja Estranja: I don't even know how to explain how much I love Laganja. I REALLY hope one episode she gets to breathe some Brooke Candy into one of her looks, I would die! Her entrance was fantastic, as flamboyant and something Alyssa Edwards WILL be proud of. Definitely top 5 for sure, it's very hard for me to see at this moment who will make it to the top 3!

Adore Delano: I'm SO glad she's part of this season and not season 5, I think her and Alaska would have been a little too much and I wouldn't have appreciated her as much. Entrance look was fab, her hair was to die for, I would also like to know what lipstick she was wearing!

Vivacious: Blah. Blah. I honestly can't see her lasting long in the competition because her drag isn't understood very well. I'll probably eat my own words but I didn't like her in her meet the cast clip, still don't like her now. That zip not opening on her entrance costume didn't help with my thoughts either. Mind, Sharon Needle's look was confusing but with her I knew I loved her from the start and she would get far, with Vivacious it's just boring, Sharon was fantastic in every aspect.

Kelly Mantle: I was surprised! I thought she was going to be a strong character from her meet the cast clip. But she left me wanting to ignore her. I was quite shocked. I could see her becoming almost a Chad Michaels figure but after the first photo task I knew she was going to be a possible bottom 2.

I actually thought BenDeLaCreme had the best photo from the 7, her face and pose was spot on for me, although Laganja's is less statuesque and is full of motion, Ben's is more appealing visually. But for me it would have been out of those two who for me would win the mini challenge.

Laganja's photo won best photo, leaving her the task winner, and to hand out boxes of materials in order to recreate a tv show into an outfit. These were the choices, paired with who had them.

Adore Delano Here Comes Honey Boo Boo     April Carrión Duck Dynasty
BenDeLaCreme The Golden Girls                      Gia Gunn Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Kelly Mantle Downton Abbey                           Laganja Estranja Dancing with the Stars
                                     Vivacious Game of Thrones

The catwalk outfits were overall a little disappointing, I know that it's only the first episode but there were 7 people, there should have been more of an effort. Although Adore was a hot mess I loved her look, but it didn't scream Honey Boo Boo. I don't think anyone should have complained, they're all pretty good boxes and lots could have been achieved. No ones look really screamed what their tv show was, but Ben's was stunning. My least favourite was Vivacious, it just looked more Sci Fi than Game Of Thrones.

Ben won best out of the 7, with April, and Gia being safe, Adore being bottom safe, leaving Kelly and Vivacious bottom two to lip sync for their life.

The song was Express Yourself by Madonna. Vivacious brought her game and worked the runway, Kelly in my opinion just bobbed up and down moved around a bit and left the floor open for Vivacious to own the stage, bringing Kelly to be first eliminated from the contest.

Final thoughts: Was the right person eliminated? YES. 
I'm unsure who's team I'm on, but it's shared between Adore Laganja and Gia at the moment. They're three very different personalities, and I can't wait for 7 queens to become 12! (But I can't wait to see Milk!)
Chosen Look for the week: Adore Delano's Final Runway Look.

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  1. Vivacious is what makes RPDR - I want that photo framed!